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Consulting Services

Clubs will continue to be faced with rising operating costs such as payroll, health insurance, fuel, petroleum byproducts and food commodities, which will put more pressure on financial performance and limit the funds available for reinvesting in the club. Delivering the expected golfer/member experience in an environment of increasing costs and unpredictable revenues will require golf clubs to operate at a much higher level of financial sophistication. Private Club Associates can help your club achieve this level of sophistication through our suite of consulting services.

Just like the pros, clubs partnering with experts can achieve success

A qualified, unbiased opinion can either validate the need for change or be the impetus that leads to change. Private Club Associates’ comprehensive 560 question audit evaluates the golfer/member experience, the operating platform and the performance benchmarks for each department of your golf club. After visiting your golf club and conducting the audit, PCA will prepare a detailed report and presentation that explains findings and recommends actions needed to achieve the proper balance between golfer/member experience and financial performance. Private Club Associates Operational Audits focus on:

  • Reviewing standards of operation for your golf or country club
  • Measuring performance against these standards
  • Examining and analyzing deviations
  • Recommending suggestions for improvement
  • Reappraising standards based on experience and on your current market.

Private Club Associates’ audits probe the following areas:

  • Accounting
  • Human resources
  • Golf operations
  • Golf course maintenance
  • Membership marketing, brand positioning and administration
  • Social networking and communication
  • Food and beverage operations
  • Technology Assessments
  • Tennis operations
  • Fitness operations
  • Swimming
  • Maintenance of clubhouse, tennis pools and fitness facility
  • Club programming
  • Structure of the Board and committees
  • Administration and safety

Understanding if your club is successfully delivering the experience that your customers expect is vital to maintaining a competitive position in the marketplace. Using the market research techniques of leading consumer brands, PCA can develop a cost-effective customer feedback program for your club that uses online tools linked to your website such as comprehensive annual member surveys, brief everyday golfer feedback or even post tournament/banquet questionnaires.

At PCA, we believe that effective surveys are more than a single document. Effective surveys are a process. From start to finish, those administering and participating in the survey both have individual expectations. Subsequent to surveying your customers taking the next step and leveraging the information gathered, the development and communication of strategic action plans to improve operations is an intergral part of the survey process.


To be competitive in the marketplace, a golf club must own a unique positioning and communicate it effectively. Using our brand management experience from leading consumer brands, Private Club Associates can build a comprehensive marketing plan for your golf club that includes competitive research, brand positioning, product development, pricing, marketing calendars, creative development, and media plans. PCA also partners with Pipeline Agency to develop sophisticated membership marketing programming.

  • We start by analyzing your recent membership trends, probing your competition, reviewing your club’s immediate goals, and defining the targets of opportunity in your market.
  • Then we explore the best mix of lead generation, pinpoint marketing, neighborhood mapping, online social networking and other database resources with your staff, membership committee and Board.
  • We partner with your Club staff and leadership to develop promotional programming and the optimum membership fees and incentives to attract members who will mesh with your club.

Private Club Associates engages your members in the process—to identify the best prospects and to enhance the arrival of new members—and will train and coach your membership sales team to best showcase your club.

Budget Development

PCA can help your club build a complete annual financial budget using our “proprietary model” in less than two weeks!” Strong financial performance requires smartly constructed financial plans for each department of your golf club that accurately reflect the operating environment. With significant experience in developing line item annual budgets, multi-year financial projections, forecasting models, periodic business reviews and financial reporting packages, PCA is ready to assist your club improve its financial reporting processes.

Private Club Associates knows how critical it is to have a clear plan for your club’s future.

  • Our strategic planning process is a disciplined partnership with your club to support fundamental decisions and actions that define what the club is and where it is going.
  • Strategic planning determines the mission, vision, values, goals, objectives, roles, responsibilities and timelines to accomplish key business goals.
  • Private Club Associates provides strategic planning facilitation and research upon which your club’s leadership can rely to improve and maximize decision-making and resource utilization.

Private Club Associates (PCA) believes that a well defined mission statement is a critical component to overall brand development.  A mission statement should answer the following four questions:

  • 1 Why do we exist?
  • 2 What business are we in?
  • 3 Who are our customers?
  • 4 What do they value?

The second critical component of PCA's brand development philosophy is that a club must have a clearly defined market position. This begins with a "Positioning Statement" and is supported with products and services that are alligned with that position.

Private Club Associates

This implied promise is delivered through all experiences and interactions that members/guests have at the Club. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Brand elements: the golf course, facilities, membership offerings, member activities, service level, dining room menus, employees and members
  • Brand expressions: the club’s website, newsletter, member statements, signage, advertising and marketing collateral

Some of PCA’s Clients:

Blowing Rock Country Club-Blowing Rock, NC
McAllen Country Club-McAllen, TX
Alliance Country Club- Alliance, OH
Old Palm Golf Club-Palm Beach Gardens, FL
The Riviera Country Club-Pacific Palisades, CA
Bray’s Island Plantation-Brays Island, SC
Rockrimmon Country Club-Stamford, CT
Lakewood Ranch Golf & CC-Lakewood Ranch, FL
Bent Creek Country Club-Lititz, PA
Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club, Boca Raton, FL